So I looked around the internet for a wallpaper based on my favorite webcomic, unfortunately there were really none to be had. So I took this comic and cut the frames, then resized them from 648 pixels wide to 600 pixels wide and pasted them in order. I left the original artist attribution too as I didn’t create this, only rearranged it for a desktop display.

The original file:

Hope you like it.



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So I took a black and white lion photograph and really tuned it up. The original was beautiful and didn’t need it, but sometimes colorless wallpapers don’t fit your desktop. There are more wallpapers than the preview shows, so check them out. Lots of layer use. I really couldn’t decide on one, so I made lots.

The pack:

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Another wallpaper changed into something else. This time I added a grid, offset the colors, and brought a bit of transparency through. I also posterized Scarlett Johansson.

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Original art. This one took me a lot longer than normal as I was having trouble  conceptualizing this wallpaper. Finally it all came to me with the bullets which I made into a ring. I used various different layer styles to get the final luck and cycled through a couple skulls  before deciding on this one.

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Another original I made today on break at work. I used clouds and transparency layers to get the look around the rising sun brush. The monkey was found online and is part of Space Monkey Designs logo. Again I used Gimp.

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Here is something I created in Gimp this morning, I used brushes found on, it really shows how easy it is to create something from scratch with the multitude of free resources available to you. I run Xubuntu 11.10 and use all open source free software to create my art and do digital edits. For all but the most advanced users there is a free solution out there for you. Gimp is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows.

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Here is part two of my first night of desktop art. I took a beautiful picture of Angelina Jolie that wasn’t quite sharp enough. It was also very plain and almost washed out. I colorized it, and added the grunge background.


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So I was looking at wallpapers for my new Xubuntu setup and found lots of ones I loved, but I found even more that were almost good. They had so much potential and so many flaws. So I decided to take some of them and adjust them. So this blog came to be.

Introducing Miranda Lawson, beautified by vectors. Just like her genetic structure in Mass Effect, her desktop was enhanced, because she doesn’t accept anything but the best:

Originally from a screen grab.

Please let me know what you think.